There are several things I look for in carp rods; performance, (including playability and casting), weight, build quality, looks and value for money. 

When Gaz contacted me and asked if I’d like to try a set of the Propels it didn’t take long for me to take him up on his offer! I’d watched the Youtube video, presented by Adam Reed, which gives a detailed review of the features and this fired me up to give them a go. 

When the rods arrived the first thing I noticed was the weight. I opted for the 12 foot 3.5lb version and they weigh absolutely nothing! I coupled the rods up with my original Shimano Black Mags and the balance was spot on. 

Coupled with my Black Mags, the balance of the setup was spot-on.

I cast my eye over the rod and had no complaints with the looks and build quality. I’m a fairly picky person and friends will tell you I don’t really do anything other than ‘top of the range’ and I’d class the Propels at the top end however they come with a mid range price tag! Trakker have obviously spend a good deal of time and effort perfecting the design and performance. I was really pleased and I couldn’t wait to get out there and use them especially as I hadn’t fished much in the previous month or so. 

I set off on a two hour drive to a day ticket lake for a quick over night session. It’s quite a small lake at about 8 acres in size but is good for a bite and I wanted to see how the rod performed playing fish on this first time out. Plus, I blanked the last time I went fishing so I wanted to catch one! 

The swim I chose had a 70 yard cast to an over-hanging tree which is a very comfortable cast distance wise, however the 40mph swirling side wind made it interesting to hit the spot! The rod performed brilliantly with a standard 3oz dumpy pear lead and strong 0.40 line. The blank felt crisp and accurate on the cast even in the side wind, which I found impressive. 

I got the rods in and applied a few kilos of my favourite Essential B5 baits over the hook baits. I then sat back in the comfort of my Tempest V2 and looked on in anticipation as Mother Nature opened the heavens and showed what she can do! Luckily for me it didn’t take long and the rods were away with a couple of double figure mirrors and then again in the morning with a hard fighting 20lb-plus common which really put the rod through its paces. I found the rods a pleasure to play the fish on and even the 3.5lb version soaked up the lunges of the fish and I felt very confident the hook wouldn’t pull during all the fights. 

My first carp caught on my Propel 13ft 3.5lb! The rod was a pleasure to play this fish on.

The Propels certainly look the part with the high quality 1k Japanese carbon, low friction Zirconia guides, anti-frap tip ring, understated cosmetics and a full length shrink wrapped flared handle. All in all, I’d say Trakker have produced a fantastic carp rod with several options in the range from 12 foot 3lb to 13 foot 3.5lb (there is also a 10 foot version available). 

A few days later, I popped along to a large local reservoir armed with 3.5oz casting leads. I wanted to give the rods a good thrashing to see how they performed when casting. I still had the 0.40 line on the reels and was only casting with the lead – no rig or bait attached. I’m not the biggest caster in the world, but I can build my casts up to a respectable distance and after a few practice casts I was hitting the Propels with full power. Trakker say the blanks are a fast action to assist distance and accuracy and I’d definitely agree with this. They recovered and snapped back into shape quickly and the tip section stayed true and didn’t twist or come loose as some do when when taking the blank to the upper limit. 

I’m really pleased with the Propels and I’ll be adding more updates on the rods and other Trakker products on my Instagram page @originalcornishcarper so be sure to check that out along with the Trakker social media feeds. 

Tight lines 


Source: Tracker products

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