Pairs set for 2019 Canal Final battle

With all the qualifiers completed, and some big names in the hat, the 2019 Dynamite backed, Canal Pairs Final is set to be another epic. We look at who lines up for the event….

canal pairs champs 2018 scenic on the canal

Last year’s final on the Trent & Mersey Canal saw David Gough and Paul Middleton claim and unexpected victory

56 pairs will line up on the Shropshire Union Canal at Norbury Junction and Little Onn aiming to win the Dynamite Baits canal pairs crown for 2019. Four previous winning pairs including Simon Nickless and Steve Dudley, Dave Edgerley and Kevin Clarke, David Gough and Paul Middleton plus Division two national winning team members, Simon Preece and Simon Mottram line up this year in what will be a battle of epic proportions.

Last year David Gough and Paul Middleton claim and unexpected victory on the Trent & Mersey Canal at Rugeley despite being relatively new to canal match fishing. This year, given the quality of the finalists, the odds will be on another new pair lifting the crown. After, by their own high standards, a disappointing result in the recent national championships, could the Turner Brothers return to winning ways.

canal pairs championship 2018 WInning pairs

Last year’s winners, Paul Middleton (left and David Gough

Who would bet against the likes of Graham Smith and Lee Newson, Jason Cunningham and Ben Sharratt, Andy Curless and Andy Donnelly or Darren Massey and James South? Or could it be complete outsiders such as Kye Jerrom and Liam Darler who storm to victory. A list of all the finalists is below. Who will you choose? You can watch events unfold on Canal & River Trust Angling Facebook live on Saturday 19 October from 8.00 am.

Here’s the full list of the 2019 finalists:

1 James Drakulic & David Tebbutt

2 Simon Preece & Simon Mottram

3 Barry Smith & Ian Orbell

4 Paul Murrin & Dave McCall

5 Dave Holbrook & John Garbett

6 Thomas Fairhurst & Dave Walmsley

7 Lewis Kenyon & Lewis Breeze

8 Jan Verbruggen & Shaun Birchall

9 Jason Evans & Mark Roberson

10 Richard Guest & David Lloyd

11 Barry Jones & Mel Wood

12 Thomas Sexton & Peter Kay

13 Simon Nickless & Stephen Dudley

14 Jon Tocknell & Gary Townsend

15 Shaun Bryan & Mark Gaylard

16 Charlie Vallender & Andy Pollard

17 Andy Jane & Andy Richings

18 Darren Massey & James South

19 Ben Sharratt & Jason Cunningham

20 Alan Donnelly & Andy Curless

21 Bryan Hawkes & John Freeborn

22 Ian Freeborn & Ramunas Subacius

23 Bernie Leatherbarrow & Phil Johnson

24 Richie Reynolds & Paul Bick

25 Darren Hall & Pat Daley

26 Steve Brookes & David Mawby

27 Daniel Abbott & Peter McFayden

28 Steve Crawley & Sau Phung

29 Peter Laughton & Andrew Webster

30 James Lewis & David Lewis

31 Michael Davies & Paul Robinson

32 Dave Jones & Mick Heath

33 Graham Saynor & Wayne Kearney

34 Dave Edgerley & Kev Clarke

35 Adam Slade & Lee Woodhouse

36 Rob Casterton & Malc Appleby

37 Scott Geens & Ed Warren

38 Kye Jerrom & Liam Darler

39 Dean Meadows & Dean Turner

40 Paul Turner & Neil Turner

41 John Waples & Kane Woodfield

42 Karl Johansen & Steff Johansen

43 Asa Cooper & Pete Allwood

44 David Trafford & Stuart Bird

45 Martin Mansfield & Paul Greensmith

46 David Gough & Paul Middleton

47 Lee Newson & Graham Smith

48 Bob Parish & Peter Burrell

49 Alan Crook & Dave Bradley

50 Martin Kettle & Jimmy Byrne

51 Ben Dukes & Robert Randall

52 Paul Waddington & Rob Skellet

53 Ian Spanswick & James Carty

54 John Brogden & Chris Gorrell

55 Carl Whalley & Liam Killinger

56 Ian Fewtrell & Rob Porter


Who do you think will win? Tell us in the comments below

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Pairs set for 2019 Canal Final battle
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