Name: Mike Tobin

Also known as: Mike Tobin

Age: 30 mike tobin 3

Hometown & Country: Surrey, UK

 Occupation: London Black Taxi Driver


Mirror PB: 33lb 6oz

Common PB: 31lb 8oz

Other PB’s: 7lb 9oz Tench


Favourite boilie: The Source

Most used rig: Slip D

Venues fished: Many, ranging from intimate estate lakes to busy day tickets and now recently a local syndicate.

Favourite venues: A very special estate lake

mike tobin 2

Target fish you would most like to catch: A Thames 40lber!

Top carp fishing tip: LOCATION IS KEY! Stay mobile, stay stealthy and have confidence in your tactics.

Aim in angling: To produce more content in the forms of videos and articles and catch some chunks along the way.

Highlight of angling career: Catching all my target fish especially when hard work had been put into it and of course, joining Dynamite!

Countries Carp Fished:  England.

Other types of fishing: I fish for all other course species but not as often.



Instagram: @miketobincarp

mike tobin

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Mike Tobin
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