Name: Tony Kingdon

Hometown & Country: South Molton, Devon

Occupation: Fishery Manager


Mirror PB: 52.12

Common PB: 44.4

Favourite boilie: CompleX-T

Most used rig: Ronnie/Fluro D-rig


Venues fished: Kingsmead Island lake, Linch Hill, currently on Dinton Black swan

Favourite venues: Dinton

Target fish you would most like to catch: Spike (Dinton)


Top carp fishing tip: Get on the fish!!!

Aim in angling: To spend more time fishing the big European waters and enjoying the adventure..


Highlight of angling career: Catching the Saddle back Lin from Dinton

Countries Carp Fished:  UK and France. (Spain this November)

Other types of fishing: Still like to do a bit of shore sea fishing.


Facebook:  Tony Kingdon

Instagram: @tony_kingdon1977

saddleback lin dinton tony kingdon

tony kingdon black spot furzebray lakes

Tony Kingdon with Black Spot at 45lb 10oz from Island Lake Furzebray


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Tony Kingdon
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