Ian Russell’s Diary December 2021

In Ian Russell’s final diary entry of 2021, he reflects on an incredible year full of highs and lows, monster carp catches and another successful 12 months using Dynamite Bait (mostly his beloved Monster Tiger Nut!) Here’s how he got on.

Ian says…

“Well, what a year of mixed up emotions 2021 has been for Ian Russell. No carp shows, no open days in tackle shops but it was a bumper year for the industry as a whole.

It has to be said my years’ angling has been awesome. I’ve managed to visit so many venues and i’ve been fortunate enough to catch some incredible fish from them along the way.

Work for me couldn’t have been busier. February saw the return of day sessions back on RK Leisure’s Boat Pool trying yet again to track down one of it’s big commons but instead the lakes biggest mirror known as Big Viv graced my net at 42lb 8oz. Like they have done on many occasions for me this year, Sweetcorn and the ever faithful MTN crumb worked its magic on this occasion.

Big Viv was a welcome surprise for Ian back in February.

Ironically, it was on an unplanned overnight trip to the Boat Pool in June when I finally caught the Square Common and at a low weight of 39lb I was certainly not complaining. So ended my time on there!

The immense capture of the Boat Pool’s ‘Square Common’ brought Ian’s time on the water to a close…

You’re about to see why this was the year of the commons for me…Jumping back to May and a session on RK Leisure’s W1 North Lake, another target of mine came to fruition in the shape of a lake record common at 45lb. This time one of Dynamite’s NEW single 12mm MTN pop ups fished to showing fish at long range did the trick. I swear if I used the MTN whilst sea fishing I would catch on it such is my confidence in it!

The largest common in the lake at 45lb!

That wasn’t the only lake record common I banked last year either, with a Carp Pursuit filming session at Willow Park in Hants producing this cracking 31lb 8oz fish.

Ian’s second lake record common of the year was this 31lb specimen!


Next was a visit to Rich Wilby’s Mustang Lake and my first bite resulted in a 37lb Common. Then during a social trip to St Albans Farm Lake, up pop’s another lake best common at 34lb 8oz! It was just ridiculous!


So 2021 for me has definitely been a multiple venue success story.

In the final weeks of December I had a couple of cold water tutorials at Linear Fisheries and although they were a struggle, my clients came through in the end.

My own angling saw me visit Kingsmead 1 for a couple of nights and I managed one bite with a 39lb mirror coming to a Dynamite Pineapple & Banana pop up.

The 39lb chunk from K1.

I also had a great trip to Todber Manor on a Trouble Shooter feature and had some amazing carp but you will have to check out next month’s magazine for that info…

Onto my last session of 2021 and W1 North lake gave up a 24lb mirror for my troubles. Not a biggie by the lake’s standard but this year I have only managed ten nights for seven carp so bring on 2022.

Ian’s final fish of 2021…

For now I wish you all a Happy New Year and if you venture out fishing please do remember that beg of confidence is called the Monster Tiger Nut range… ;)”

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Ian Russell’s Diary December 2021
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