NEW Dynamite Marine Halibut Groundbait Banks Bumper Haul of River Trent Bream!

This time last year, Dynamite’s Product Development Manager headed to the River Trent to put the NEW Dynamite Marine Halibut Sweet Fishmeal groundbait to the test for bream. Here’s how he got on… 

Last autumn we released a new addition to the Marine Halibut groundbait range called Sweet Fishmeal and although its primary purpose is to attract carp, the added sweet palatants make it a superb option for targeting bream. With this in mind, we asked our Product Development Manager Mark Baker to see if he could use it to catch a bucket-load of River Trent bream for the cameras…He did not disappoint!

The focus of the session was to put this stuff to the test for River Trent Bream!

Using nothing but dampened down Sweet Fishmeal on its own, Mark kick-started the session by casting 10 cage feeders-full of groundbait to the crease of the main flow to attract any bream that may have been in the area. A few of these feeders also had some casters sandwiched inside to provide some extra food items for the bream to home in on.


Once the swim was prepped, it was then a matter of casting regularly to help ring the dinner bell, as so to speak. Mark cast every five minutes to try and draw a response and he didn’t have to wait long, with the third cast producing a solid knock on the tip… A great start with a two-pounder making its way into the net!

It was now a case of repeating the process and casting more regularly to keep the hungry shoal of bream in his swim – casting every 2-3 minutes instead of 5 if he didn’t get a bite. The first fish came to a dendra tail and maggot cocktail so Mark persevered with the same hookbait to see if it stuck.

The winning hookbait – a dendra tail tipped with a red maggot.

Despite the weather seeming to dish out all four seasons in just a few hours, Mark’s constant casting paired with the attractiveness of the Sweet Fishmeal groundbait drew a bite near on every chuck! We’re talking the last week of March here but the bream just couldn’t get enough of the groundbait with several fish in the 3lb-7lb class showing an interest!

After 5 hours or so it was time to call it a day as the driving wind and rain had started to take its toll but we couldn’t grumble as the fishing was superb! Mark had banked around 80lb of River Trent bream using nothing but a bag of groundbait and a couple of pints of maggots and casters.

Just a small part of Mark’s incredible haul on the Sweet Fishmeal!

Mark said: “The main reason why Sweet Fishmeal is so good for bream on rivers is because it’s full of big particles that help keep food items in the swim for longer. Couple that with the added sweet palatant and increased boost of protein packed Fishmeal and you’ve got yourself a groundbait that requires zero altercations. Just use it straight from the bag as I did during this session and you’ll enjoy a great day’s fishing!”

Marine Halibut Sweet Fishmeal is now available in your local Dynamite stockists.

If you’re looking for places to target River Trent bream before the season closes, take a look at Bob Robert’s Guide to the Trent, here.

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NEW Dynamite Marine Halibut Groundbait Banks Bumper Haul of River Trent Bream!
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