Name: Carlos Mateo Gomez

Also known as: Carlitos Mateo

Age: 29

Hometown & Country: Valdivia, (Badajoz), España

Mirror PB: 25,480

Common PB: 28,620 kg

Other PB’s: Grass carp 23,6 – Koi 11,700 – Sturgeon 35kg – Comizo barbel 11kg

Favourite boilie: The Monster Tiguer Nut Red-Amo

Most used rig: Combi Rig with a Carp Spirit size 8 Long Shank hook. I also use a Ronnie Rig with a V-Curve medium Curve Shank also from Carp Spirit

Venues fished: Orellana reservoir, Guadiana river, Garcia Sola reservoir, Sierra Brava reservoir, Horno Tejero reservoir, Boqueron reservoir, Zujar river, Zujar reservoir, Serena reservoir, Estrella lake, Iktus lake, Lac de Arraix, Etang des Gaulois, Domaine la Hille, Lac de Curton, Rainbow Lake

Favourite venues: Orellana reservoir, Guadiana river, Horno Tejero reservoir

Countries fished: Spain, Portugal, France

Target fish you would most like to catch: The Spanish record from Orellana

Top carp fishing tip: Know how to analyse your environment and how to interpret it.

Aim in angling: To enjoy every moment nature gives us together with my dog and my best friends. And to aim to achieve my goals every year.

Highlight of angling career: Catching more than 15 carp weighing over 20kg in Spanish public waters in just 9 months, the smallest 20,18kg and the largest 27,2kg.

Other types of fishing: There is no other type of fishing I like more than carp fishing, but if I had to decide I would choose pike fishing.

Facebook: Carlitos mateo

Instagram: Carlitos_mateo_carp


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Carlos Mateo Gomez (Spain)
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