Bill Phillips: Carp Fishing in France at its Very Best!

Monster carp angler Bill Phillips has just returned from what can only be described as one hell of a carp fishing trip to France! Below, he recalls how his stay at Etang Les Fortinieres unfolded…

Bill says: 

“Well…I’m back home and absolutely shattered from carp fishing in France. It was a 16-hour-long journey including 500 miles driven – and all for the love of carp.

For me it was almost an auspicious week – both heaven and hell.

I managed to land eleven fantastic carp of which were as follows: 1x 40+, 6x 50+, 3x 60+ and 1x 70+, Including some incredibly mint commons and a magnificent PB grassy. All of these were caught on CompleX-T wafters over heavy beds of particle well laced with 15mm and 12mm CompleX-T boilies.

Soonafter I changed to 20mm CompleX-T Hard Hookbaits fished snowman-style to try and combat the wild life.

My new Okuma 8K reels are christened & performed superbly with clutches as smooth as silk.

However, the very high temperatures and massive nuisance creatures did become considerably frustrating.

Overall I had 60+ leads dropped and I also landed 5 tench, 6 pike, 1 terrapin, 2 coots and 2 swans plus 2 cut offs, about 6 moves and suffered loads of lost baits to all and sundry. All topped off with a good soaking from a massive storm one night!

The site employ very strict fish care rules with all fish to be left in the water at all times. You’re allowed one lift on the hoist for weighing and only you can only shoot one side of the fish with the camera…

On the flip side, it was an absolutely beautiful venue with lovely owners. I really enjoyed going out with them every other day to nice French restaurants followed by evening drinks on the lawn.

All in all it was a mega trip and I can’t wait to get back!”

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Bill Phillips: Carp Fishing in France at its Very Best!
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