October 2022 SAS Competition Winners

Some familiar faces returned to our winners list in October’s SAS Competition! Pipping everyone to the top prize was Salisbury-based carper John Hodgkinson with a stunning Manor Lake mirror of 41lb 8oz. The 30-year-old nailed the specimen on a Yellow Hit N Run pop-up fished over a bed of Frenzied Chilli Hemp and MTN boilies soaked in Evolution Hemp Oil fished into a silt gulley next to some gravel. Another Hodgkinson (we ‘re unsure if there’s a relation there!) took our second spot as well after Hayley struck into a 29lb 8oz mirror during a trip to Linear’s Brasenose 2. She soaked her Fake Corn hookbaits in Sweet Tiger Liquid before fishing them tight on a silt spot over a bed of Chilli Hemp, XL sweetcorn and Monster Tiger Nut Boilies. Topping up with the Spomb every hour kept the bites coming, including an absolute chunk of a mirror. Last but not least we have Matt Heath who returns to the podium on third place with a 34lb 14oz common from his syndicate lake in Norfolk. The 37-year-old fished a Monster Tiger Nut foodbait pop-up in a 16ft-deep spot that he’d been baiting extensively with matching boilies, hemp and Frenzied Maize. After losing a good fish to a hookpull off the spot, Matt returned and got his revenge with an incredible common. Good work mate!

As we have done every year since it’s launch, all the month’s catches count towards our yearly prize. Who will follow in Jake Waterman‘s and take this year’s crown and win a place on the team?


1st Place (£100 RRP bait)

Name: John Hodgkinson

Fish: 41lb 8oz Mirror

Venue: Manor Lake, Linear

Bait: Yellow Hit N Run pop-up

2nd Place (£60 RRP bait)

Name: Hayley Hodkinson

Fish: 29lb 8oz mirror

Venue: Brasenose 2, Linear

Bait: Fake Corn flavoured in Sweet Tiger Corn Liquid



3rd Place (£100 RRP bait)

Name: Matt Heath

Fish: 34lb 14oz Common

Venue: Norfolk Syndicate

Bait: Monster Tiger Nut Foodbait pop-up 




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October 2022 SAS Competition Winners
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