Winter Method Feeder Fishing Trick

Nowadays the carp have seen it all when it comes to Method Feeder Fishing but Mark Cree has a trick up his sleeve that’ll give your rig a completely different level of attraction every time you cast into the drink…

Mark says…

For Method Feeder Fishing in the winter I like to use a mixture of 2mm Swim Stim F1 Sweet and 3mm Swim Stim Amino Originals, that I glug with Sweet Tiger Liquid Carp Food.

The reason for the mix is that I think the hookbait looks less suspicious than when you only use just the 2mm pellets.

To prepare the pellets, I soak them for two-minutes prior to draining. I then add the Sweet Tiger LCF. If you add it to the soaking water, because of its consistency, it doesn’t permeate the pellets as well as it will when adding it after they have been soaked.

Again, many anglers use flavours and additives, but often they use them in the wrong way so they don’t get the best out of them.

You only need around 50ml of Sweet Tiger per pint of pellets.

Hookbait-wise, this is legion when it comes to the Method. I tend to use either Speedy’s Washters or Swim Stim Durables. This is because some days, the carp want a soft bait, and others they want one that is more naturally buoyant. Every day is different, but by having options means I often catch more.

How Mark’s Winter Method Rig Works

Step 1: Load the feeder with your pellet mix then place your hookbait on top.


Step 2: Cover the feeder with more pellets then squeeze them down hard with your thumb!

Step 3: The finished feeder is now ready to be dipped in the Sweet Tiger Liquid

Step Four: Pour your desired amount of Sweet Tiger Liquid into a bait tub. Around a quarter of a bottle is sufficient for this time of year.

Step Five: Grab the stem of your feeder and gently dip it into the liquid, making sure all the pellets are covered. The liquid is viscous and will cling to the pellets until the feeder hits the lake bed. Here it will create an enticing cloud of scent around your pellets and hookbait. Give it a try this weekend!

Step Six: Wait for the tip to smash round and catch yourself some bonus winter carp, just like this Float Fish Farm mirror!

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Winter Method Feeder Fishing Trick
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