How To Make Durable Paste Hookbaits

Our Durable Hookbaits are so versatile they can be used in a number of different ways to create what we like to call a Super Bait. Mark Cree is no stranger to experimenting with the baits he uses and has come up with another neat trick using the Durables that is absolutely perfect for fishing down the edge for big bonus carp!

Before we start, there are a few baits you’re going to need. The first is any flavour of Durable Hookers in the size you’d like to use. Remember, the larger the size, the larger your hookbait will be. Next is the liquid and groundbait which is used to cover and soak your Durables. Mark loves the F1 Sweet flavour and used the Swim Stim F1 Sweet groundbait with the Sweet Tiger Liquid Carp Food during this session…

Step One

Add a liberal amount of Sweet Tiger Liquid Carp Food to a small pot or container

Step Two

Pour your selected groundbait(s) into bait tubs

Step Three

Add your Durable to your hook or hooklink. Mark prefers a hair-rig presentation.

Step Four

Dunk your Durable Hookbait into the liquid and ensure the hookbait is fully coated.

Step Five

Now dip your coated hookbait into the groundbait. You can use a spoon to completely cover the hookbait in groundbait.

Step Six

Double dip! Complete the cycle again and dunk the hookbait back into the liquid and groundbait to create a double layer. End the process by dunking the hookbait into the liquid again.

Step Seven

The finished hookbait will look like this. Essentially you’re creating a paste around the Durable which will slowly melt in the water. If you don’t get a bite, the liquid and paste will effectively bait your swim, but your rig will still be fishing as your Durable will still be on the hair!

Step Eight

Drop your rig in down the edge and reap the rewards!

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How To Make Durable Paste Hookbaits
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