Spring Crucian Success for Matt Fernandez

Matthew Fernandez got his spring crucian carp campaign off to a flyer last week with the capture of an incredible bar of gold tipping the scales at 2lb 12oz! Below, Matt details how he went about catching it…


Matt says…

“Last week I managed to sneak in a few hours down my local estate lake in Hampshire in search of some early spring crucians.

I fished at 13 metres on my pole with a light F1 float and size 16 hook. I shipped out a few small pole cups of F1 low feed Groundbait mixed with 3mm F1 pellets and a few grains of F1 corn over my chosen area.

After half hour a shoal of bream moved in and I ended up catching ten bream around the 3lb mark then the bites dried up completely. This was my cue to top up the area again with a couple of cups of bait.

All of a sudden the tell-tail signs of crucians arriving started to show in the form of small pin prick bubbles around the float! The crucian action then came thick and fast and I ended with a string of lovely fish to a best of 2lb 12oz.

They just couldn’t get enough of the F1 Sweet paired with the matching sweetcorn!”


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Spring Crucian Success for Matt Fernandez
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