Name: Adam Whittington

Age: 54

Hometown & Country: Alton, Hampshire

Occupation: Security

Mirror PB: 62.05

Common PB: 47.04

Other PB’s: Tench 12.12, Perch 4.04, Chub 6.02, Eel 5.09

Favourite Boilie: CompleX-T

Most Used Rig: The Nora – I have used nothing else for 14 years.

Venues fished: Frimley, Wasing, Cassien, Somerley, Yateley, Wellington Country Park, Cutt Mill, countless others.

Favourite venues: Currently, Frimley is right under my skin, but Wasing was near perfect in the days I was lucky enough to fish it.

Target fish you would most like to catch: I’m happy catching all carp and rarely think beyond the next bite, but definitely wouldn’t shake off Charlie’s Mate!

Top Carp Fishing Tip: Don’t be afraid to innovate and be different. Carpers were always rig and tactic pioneers, yet many seem to just follow the crowd these days. And if someone drops by your swim for a chat, give them a beer!

Aim in angling: To never lose the massive rush of each and every bite.

Highlight of angling career: Three years of saving up money, countless hours up trees and lots of graft resulted in landing The Parrot at 62.05.

Other types of fishing: Love spending mobile days on the rivers with friends.

Instagram: @sealionadam

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Adam Whittington
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