Bumper Haul of Spring Bream for Tony Gibson

Specimen hunter Tony Gibson shares his story about his latest spring bream campaign which saw him put a string of specimens on the bank…

Tony says…

An unexpected illness prior to the end of the season has kept me out of action for a while, but just recently I’ve managed to get back to doing some session fishing, and earlier this week had the first proper (2-night) session on a new (for me) bream water; a large East Midlands gravel pit that typically sees more carp angler attention than anything else and very little attention from bream/specialist anglers.

It’s a weedy venue and I therefore spent some time locating a decent sized clear area in a swim on the end of the wind, although I was initially a little concerned that the effects of a bitterly cold feeling Easterly wind might not be as beneficial as a warmer wind would likely be.

I kick-started the baiting up mid-afternoon with half a bucket of spod mix (see below), and was pleasantly surprised to receive several bites in quick succession, a little later that afternoon, that produced 4 double-figure bream to 12lb 2oz.

12lb 2oz

With a lull in activity, I was worried that I’d been “cleaned out” of bait, so took a gamble on introducing another half-bucket of spod over the spot where I was fishing all three end tackles.

This seemed to work, as between early evening and early the following morning I had another 6 “doubles”, with the best fish weighing exactly 13lb.


I rebaited again late the following morning and bream action started again that afternoon with another 6 “doubles”. Then, after another quiet spell I decided to spod out the remainder of the bait that I’d bought with me and I had another 4 bream that evening, which included two 9lb+ fish (the only two bream under double-figures), while another “double” in the early hours was my last bream of the session.

Overall results:

9lb x 2

10lb x 6

11lb x 8

12lb x 4

13lb x 1

For the spod mix I used a total of:

4k of Dynamite CompleX-T 6mm pellets

2k of Dynamite 4mm Halibut Pellets

2k of Dynamite 2mm Swim Stim Betaine Green pellets

1k of Dynamite 2mm Swim Stim Red Krill pellets

5L (two jars) of Dynamite Sweet & Milky Pulses and Particles

1k of 12mm CompleX-T whole, and chopped/crumbed boilies

2 tins of Dynamite XL Sweetcorn

0.5L of Dynamite Shrimp Extract Liquid

0.5L of Dynamite Sweet Tiger Liquid


The hookbaits on all three rods were 12mm CompleX-T boilies, glugged in the CompleX-T hookbait dip, tipped with a piece of Enterprise plastic corn. I’d started off using different colours/flavours of the artificial corn on each rod, but after the first 3 bites came on the hookbait tipped with a piece of pink ‘candyfloss’ corn, I swapped to this on all three rods for the rest of the session.


12ft Carp Spirit Magnum rods

Okuma “8K” Big Pit reels

(0.35mm) Carp Spirit ‘Velocity’ mono mainline

3.5oz leads on safety lead clips

Rig: 8 inches of 20lb “Combi-Soft” with the last half-inch of coating by the hook peeled off, tied knotless-knot to a size 7 Carp Spirit Medium Curve Shank hook, with a small piece of rig tubing on the hook trapping the short hair down close to the point of the hook helping it to flip over and achieve a quick hold.

Earlier this month, the same tactics also helped me bank a larger bream of 14lb 2oz, alongside a few other doubles.

14lb 2oz

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Bumper Haul of Spring Bream for Tony Gibson
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