Kristof Cuderman Banks UK Mirror at 69lb 12oz!

Monster carp hunter Kristof Cuderman has just banked a colossal carp of 69lb 12oz (31.35kg) from a UK water to take his tally of countries he’s caught 30kg-plus carp from to nine! Unlike his previous big fish catches, adding this fish to the record books didn’t quite go to plan but with a bit of luck and help from a friend, Kristof was able to turn a moment of despair into elation…

Kristof says…

My first week of fishing in the UK had a happy ending after all.

My first catch of the session was a huge fish and I was told it was one of the top three biggest carp in the lake. If you follow me on social media you will already know the story… The cameras managed to record me slipping the carp into the net followed by my reaction to catching such a huge fish.

Camera footage showed Kristof slipping his net under the near 70lb monster!

However, my triumph soon turned to sadness as whilst I was calling a friend in a near-by swim to come round and assist with the pictures, the person who was looking after the landing net with the carp inside, didn’t have angling experience and it was able to escape…

As you can imagine I was full of emotion as I’d hooked and landed the carp but did not get the opportunity to weigh it or take pictures.

Four days later however, luck was on our side as my friend Tony caught the very same carp! It was really unbelievable to share this special moment with him since he not only managed to catch one of the biggest carp in the UK, but it also set his new PB.

So what at first looked as a big misfortune led to the historic achievement for me – this catch marks my 9th country over the 30kg barrier.

I would really like to thank Tony for catching this beautiful carp and giving me a chance to take photos with it.  Also big thanks to my mate Lee who invited me to this trip, my neighbour of this session Mark for support and all other guys on this trip to make it so special.

Kristof and Tony with the giant carp that they each caught 4 days apart!

Also big thanks to all my friends who supported me during the last week sending me good thoughts. Every single one is much appreciated!!!

I would also like to thank my sponsors Dynamite, Fox and Carp Royal who have helped make all my success possible.

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Kristof Cuderman Banks UK Mirror at 69lb 12oz!
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