Worcestershire Stour Barbel Record Banked!

Dynamite-backed river angler Robert Mitchell uses Marine Halibut pellets to set a new Worcestershire Stour barbel record.

It may not be the largest barbel in the world but this 9lb 1oz specimen is the new official record for the Worcestershire Stour!

The fine fish was banked by Robert Mitchell who admitted to spotting it in crystal clear water before setting out his plan to catch it.

“The river is gin clear so you’re sight-fishing for them a lot of them,” he told us.

“I could see it was a better fish to the others I’ve normally seen on there so I set a trap by putting out a small bed of 2mm Marine Halibut Pellets with a 6mm matching offering over the top on a band.

“Within 5 minutes, I watched the barbel swim down from above me and drop onto the baited area right a away. 30 seconds later the tip jumped into action and I was in! She gave a hell of a first run and took me 50 yards down river.

“I was incredibly lucky to stop her!”

Once in the net, Rob weighed the barbel and quickly realised it bettered the 8lb 4oz previous confirmed best for the river and sent picture soff to the Barbel Society for confirmation.

Rob’s new Worcestershire Stour Barbel record beat the previous best by 13oz.

Just a few days later, the society messaged him back with the good news…

Rob added: “I’m still buzzing now!”

Rob’s successful rig comprised of a simple running rig on 8lb line down to a 6lb hook length and a size 10 b983 hook with a band on the hair. His set-up was a 12ft Acolyte Feeder plus with a 4oz glass tip paired with a 4000-size Okuma Baitfeeder reel.



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Worcestershire Stour Barbel Record Banked!
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