Alex Dockerty: How To Fish Laurels Lake at Lindholme Lakes

In this brand new series, match star Alex Dockerty takes us through each lake at Lindholme Lakes Country Park and explains the tactics and baits you can use to enjoy a bumper day’s sport. In part 3 of the series, Alex takes us through Laurels Lake…

Alex says:

Next up is one of the lakes at Lindholme that varies massively on the approach needed depending on the peg you’ve drawn! The lake in question is Laurels and since it’s reshaping a few years ago, this lake has been phenomenal. 

Due to the shape of the lake with the islands and bays, a huge variety of approaches come into play on. So to begin with I’ll kick off with rod and line.

This is dominant in areas such as 11-14 and 36-40 as these are the widest areas of the lake and often where the larger carp reside. For this reason a bomb and waggler approach with 8mms can score really well and you’ll often see fish ripping the bottom up as they’re feeding on the loose fed offerings.

Hookbait wise I either match the hatch or go for a Robin Red 8mm pellet as a stand out bait. Often feeding this line 2/3 of the way to the island is the best way to go and also leaves you some scope for an additional method feeder line right to the far bank. For me I always opt for micros and a Washter on this lake due to the big numbers of silverfish meaning a groundbait and maggot approach isn’t always the most effective. Personally a 5mm yellow Washter is my go to hookbait.

Next up is the pole fishing and keeping on the theme of islands there are several pegs you can reach across with the pole. The favoured areas being pegs 15, 19, 34 and 40 which all provide plenty of cover and options to catch shallow to the island with either casters or pellets. Which can see huge catches of f1’s and the occasional carp shallow. Again shallow in the open water is another string to your bow and especially in the wider pegs once they arrive it can be fantastic fishing.

Some areas don’t seem to hold as many F1’s and carp so targeting the lakes silverfish can become an important approach. Often loose feeding casters or fishing soft 4mm expanders on a short pole line can catch those important skimmers and odd barbel. Especially if it is a league match or a festival. Averaging around 1lb a piece they’re definitely worth targeting as when coupled with some late carp they can really boost your weight. I’d be tempted to feed for these fish anywhere in the late 20’s as the lake narrows up at this part.

As it cools off hard pellets short on the bottom can play a part but since the fish are still on the feed one crucial line is the margin. With some huge carp in here this can really make or break your session. The favoured edge pegs being anywhere from 33-40 as the prevailing wind often hits this bank. For me potting large quantities of groundbait, my go to being Green Swim Stim and Marine Halibut mixed 50:50 and presenting a corn or bunch of dead maggots hookbait over the top is the way to fool these wary carp. Make sure you fish strong durable tackle though! It’s not uncommon to see fish well into double figures on this line.

So there you have my crash course in the laurels lake. Hopefully you’ve picked up a few hints for your next visit! And stay tuned next month for the next instalment!


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Alex Dockerty: How To Fish Laurels Lake at Lindholme Lakes
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