Tony Gibson’s Mega Carp Session!

Specialist angler Tony Gibson describes how a failed eel trip turned into a carp-fishing session to remember! 

Tony says…

I’d originally planned for an eel session, but the night previous I discovered that all my lobworms had suddenly died. A quick change of plan was called for, so the following morning I headed to a different venue for a session more targeted towards carp; though in the spirit of my original plan I did have an eel rod out during the session (that remained inactive throughout).

Initial reconnaissance revealed a couple of subtle shows over an area that I’d investigated with the marker rod about a month previously; though back then I felt it was too weedy to provide a decent presentation.

However, a few quick casts with the marker revealed that the weed was now starting to uproot from the spot and that it was possible, with care, to drop a hookbait in the area. As the weed continued to uproot from all around the pit, drifting weedbeds proved to be a real hassle throughout the session.

The first night was quiet, but there were a couple more subtle shows around the same area again, and a little later in the morning the rod on the spot suddenly tore off.

After the initial run, the hooked fish felt heavy, but did nothing dramatic, and I was able to gradually work the fish back towards the landing net.

It did liven up a bit in the deep margins, but eventually a big mirror popped to the surface and allowed me to gratefully draw it over the net. It had a huge frame to it and looked like it could go even bigger in the future than the 45lb 3oz that the scales highlighted.

Following a recast things went quiet again, and I suffered a frustrating wipe-out of the rods at the magic time the following morning, due to some massive floating weedbeds.

I was busy the following morning trying to keep the lines clear of the drifting weed, and fortunately it worked, as again at around breakfast time I was rewarded with a run from the same spot, on the same tactics, and a pretty, scaly 30lb 2oz mirror.

Fortunately there was more to come, as for the last night/morning, I’d decided to squeeze another hookbait close to the productive spot.

Just to the right wasn’t quite as clear, but I felt it was presentable with a “choddy”, so I’d cast a chod-rigged 12mm pop-up to the area. I’d starting to pack up, but had to keep going back to manage the rods to keep them clear of the floating weed.

I’d just flicked off a bit of weed from the right-hand rod, but the alarm kept beeping, and I eventually realised that I’d got a run while getting rid of the weed!

Again it felt like another big fish, just plodding around and feeling heavy. This one again decided to have an extra bit of tussle in the margins and kept picking up the line on my left-hand rod. However, the hookhold was sound and the plump, but scaly character ended up in the net and weighing a very pleasing 38lb 8oz to round of a very enjoyable session.


Tony’s tackle:

Rods: Magnum X5 12ft

Reels: Okuma 8K

Mainline: Velocity XS 19lb (0.35)    

Hooks: Razor Point Short Curve Size 6, Razor point Stiff Rig/Chod Size 8

Hooklink: 20lb Camo Green Combi-Soft20lb Riga-Mortis


Hookbait for the 45 and 30: CompleX-T 14mm dumbell with the end cut off and tipped with fake corn

Hookbait for the 38: 12mm Yellow Hit-n-Run pop-up

Spod mix: Chopped and crumbed CompleX-T, Naked Pulses & Particles, 50/50 mix of Shrimp Extract and Sweet Tiger Liquids


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Tony Gibson’s Mega Carp Session!
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