Kristof Cuderman Banks 34kg Austrian Carp!

Monster carp catcher Kristof Cuderman is back doing what he does best and this time he’s got a giant 34kg Austrian carp to share with us!

Kristof says…

After more than 2 years I returned to the IG Lake in Austria which is one of my favourite lakes. This is the type of the lake that I like the most – the water is clean with much weed and carp are very beautiful and rarely caught.

It is my third time fishing at this lake. So far I managed to catch many beautiful carp weighing up to 25.4 kg. Probably the goal of every person fishing at this lake is to catch one of the biggest fish that weigh more than 30 kg.

This lake is known around the world for the carp called Briggsy that was named after Steve Briggs. To catch one of the biggest fish of the lake was my goal too, even though it is hard to catch a fish here and even more to catch one of the biggest in the lake.

It is an unwritten rule at the IG lake that it is a success if you catch one fish every two days. This time I came to the lake for 9 days and 4 are still ahead of me. Here is the story of the first 24 hours of my fishing session…

In the first 20 hours I managed to catch 4 carp up to 22.1 kg and 1 grass carp weighing 26 kg.

At 5 in the afternoon on my second day I had another catch. The fish took some meters of my mainline and then it stopped in the weed.

When I reached the fish with my boat and started to pull the weed the fish started to move around and I briefly saw it underneath my boat. It seemed huge!

In the next couple of minutes the fish stayed around 4 meters deep, swam slowly around and just stayed on the bottom. After about 10 minutes it got caught in the weed again and I had to carefully remove weed with my hands.

While doing this, I caught a really good sight of the fish and the adrenaline rushed all over my body since I realised this is my dream fish. You can easily recognize the carp by its scales on both sides of the back.

I needed a couple more minutes to land the carp in the net, luckily it went in on the first try. It is really hard to describe my feelings, it was simply unbelievable and amazing. The owner Christian was at the lake right at that time and he helped me with weighing the carp.

The beauty weighed exactly 34kg. I think you can see from the pictures why this carp is so special!

This is one of the most beautiful fish in Europe.

I caught the carp with: Fox Exocet 0,40 mm Mainline, last 12 meter I had Flurocarbon 0,50 mm, Inline lead 112g, Camotex Semi Stiff Hooklink 35 lb, Wide Gape Beaked X size 2 hook. I was using new Dynamite boilies (which is coming soon) together with some mixed Dynamite pellets.


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Kristof Cuderman Banks 34kg Austrian Carp!
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