Mike Bridges – January Carp Fishing Recap

A short memoir from Mike Bridges who recaps his January carp fishing exploits…

Mike says…

It’s been a long and funny old month January weather wise. From frozen lakes to such mild temperatures its really been a case of reading the water temperatures and reacting to the situation.

This, in my opinion, is why so many anglers don’t make the effort and instead get “tunnel vision”. Successful winter carp fishing is about choosing your venue wisely – it has to be shallow, well stocked and ideally free of weed. These factors will absolutely ensure that when those windows of opportunity arise, you stand a chance.

I’ve kept at it in January, steadily trickling in the new test bait and when the lake hasn’t had a lid on it I’ve caught consistently. Utilising bollie crumb, small amounts of Frenzied Chilli Hempseed, 4mm CompleX-T pellets and my favourite Worm Liquid pre-soaked in maggots has been the winning combination with a Tutti-Frutti wafter flossed with 15 red maggots as the hookbait –  something I’ve done for many years now to great success. If it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it!


Get out and take full advantage of these fantastic winter fishing conditions.

Be lucky



The post Mike Bridges – January Carp Fishing Recap first appeared on Dynamite Baits.

The post Mike Bridges – January Carp Fishing Recap appeared first on Dynamite Baits.

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Mike Bridges – January Carp Fishing Recap
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